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Solar Powered Waste Handling Equipment

Solar Powered Waste Handling Equipment

The Hybrid GreenBuilt Solar Powered Self-contained compactor connects to the power grid as a backup that automatically switches if necessary.
The batteries recover as the compactor continues to be available for operation. While in solar mode, it uses no AC power and when in hybrid mode, it uses much less energy than conventional power units.

GreenBuilt Power Units: Solar Power Unit

For use with several self-contained compactor models, and RJ-225GB stationary compactor, this power unit provides unlimited throughput capacity made possible by backup power from 120 AC electrical hookup. Automatically switches to grid when needed. The compaction performance is equal
to comparable standard power units and 3-phase power is not needed.

  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid.
  • Power is stored in 4-premium deep cycle batteries.
  • 1.5 HP single phase 120 V electric motor with variable displacement pump.

The 5 HP High Efficiency Variable Displacement Power Unit:

  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid.
  • Speed and performance comparable to 10 HP units while using 50% less power and energy.
  • Available for self-contained compactors and stationary compactors.

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