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The Bondonese family has been in the waste industry since 1945. Twin City Waste Materials Co., Inc. was formed by William E. Bondonese in 1945 in the great city of West Palm Beach, Florida. In the beginning, Twin City Waste was primarily involved in recycled materials; cardboard, paper, glass, plastics etc.

In the early 1950’s Twin City Waste expanded to commercial & residential garbage hauling. Eugene W. Bondonese and Lawrence J. Bondonese, sons of William Bondonese, were hired to work for Twin City in the early 1960’s. They expanded the company even further by getting involved in trash compactor and baler system installations and repair services.

In the early 1970’s William E. Bondonese was ready for retirement. William offered to turn the company over to Lawrence and Eugene, but they did not accept the offer. They wanted their father to sell the company and retire on that money – the company went up for sale. Twin City Waste Materials Co., Inc was bought by SCA Services, out of Boston, in 1971. When SCA Services started, they needed someone to assist them in operating the company. They asked Lawrence Bondonese and Eugene Bondonese if they would be interested in running the operations of the company – they accepted their offer.

In 1976, Lawrence J. Bondonese formed L.J.B. Equipment Sales Co., Inc.  Lawrence was on his own until 1980. At that time Eugene Bondonese left SCA Sanitation to join L.J.B. Equipment Sales Co., Inc., as a 50/50 partner with his brother, Lawrence. L.J.B. Equipment started out fabricating front and rear load containers and servicing trash compactor and baling systems. It took much physical labor and word of mouth to get the company where it is today. L.J.B. Equipment has expanded a great deal since 1976.

The company still fabricates the best quality in front and rear load trash containers. We also sell, rent, lease, install and service trash compactor and baler systems. L.J.B. Equipment Sales Co., Inc has installed some 6,000+ compactor and baler systems and has performed some 50,000+ service calls related to compactor and baling systems.

As of 2006, L.J.B. Equipment has seven employees and covers a large South Florida service area from Miami-Dade County up to Indian River County. The company also sells and installs trash compactors and baler systems all over the state of Florida.

Thank you for your time and reading this very long history of the Bondonese family. Remember if you require quality equipment and service, please browse our website and contact us directly.