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Recycling and Waste Handling Machinery Repairs

With over 60 years in the waste industry, you can be assured we will stand behind what we sell. Your waste or recycling equipment will be serviced and repaired properly the first time by our factory trained professional technicians.

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

To ensure long-lasting service of your waste handling or recycling equipment, LJB Equipment Co.,  Inc. offers a quarterly, semi-annual and yearly preventative inspection for your trash compactor and baling system. Please understand this inspection is just as crucial as the maintenance performed on your personal vehicle every 3-5k miles. A preventative maintenance inspection helps to prevent issues from arising at unexpected times; for example: holidays, weekends, after-ours, etc. (the times when your maintenance personnel aren’t on-site to call LJB equipment to repair). Have you ever come into the office on a Monday morning and your maintenance person has said “there’s trash all over the ground, the compactor wont run, and there’s oil all over the place” this could have possibly been prevented with a Preventative Maintenance inspection. The average cost for a PM inspection on one compactor/baler ranges between $130 – $190.00 per quarter. Please call LJB Equipment today for more information and pricing on PM inspection for your waste equipment.

Included in every Preventative Maintenance Inspection Report is a comprehensive check and written report of all systems listed:

  • Inspection of Electrical Control Panel: Wire condition, tight connections, relays and switches for good contact and proper operation.
  • Safety and Limit Switches: Inspect and adjust
  • Operation: Warning lights, pressure gauge, key switches and emergency stop.
  • Structure: Physical appearance, ground anchors, wiper blade and drag plate.
  • Lubrication and Inspection: Door hinges, door handles, paddle latches, turnbuckles, access gates, motor,.
  • Hydraulic System Check: Condition of hoses and fittings, oil level and condition, cylinder shaft wear and leakage. Operating pressure check.
  • Safety Standards: OSHA and ANSI standards, infractions will be noted and remedies quoted on request.
  • Container: Physical condition checking all rollers, door hinges, seals (if possible) and latching mechanisms
  • Life Expectancy: Date of Manufacture, Charge Chamber wear, and estimated life expectancy of the unit under current operating conditions.