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PreCrushers reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original bulk. Each stroke of the powerful ram crushes disposed material against a tough solid steel bulkhead at the end of the charging chamber. The bulkhead automatically lifts and the crushed material is forced into the receiving container.

Extremely high reduction ratios are achieved because air pockets in the material are eliminated – offering substantial savings in hauling costs. Loads are easily emptied out of the receiving container because the material has lost much of its “memory.”

One of the many typical applications of the PreCrusher include crushing 55 gallon drums. This industrial compactor reduces these drums to a fraction of their original length without lifting or handling the crushed drums. Each PreCrusher features a programmable controller to re-set to your changing needs. A variety of containers are also available. Call Marathon’s customer service for additional information concerning the many usages for this heavy duty compaction system.

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